About our Nursery

children running in a field

Our Ethos

We provide a safe and happy environment for children to play and learn. We encourage each child to be confident, co-operative and sociable.

children inside doing messy play

We believe that happy children learn best.

Every child should have a positive and stimulating nursery school experience, providing a secure foundation on which to build their future lives.

boy investigating bugs under a log

We allow children to learn through their own investigation and interest but we also encourage them to participate in a wide variety of activities and games using our extensive range of educational resources and equipment.

the entrance to acorns nursery shackleford

Our Setting

Acorns Nursery is situated in the village hall of Shackleford.

2 children sitting inside a den made from willow

This lovely rural location also has two outdoor areas: a concrete area by the entrance perfect for scooting around and a large grassed area with a sandpit, a big pirate ship, a willow den, an outside classroom and much more.

girl sitting with a baby chick on her lap

We are very fortunate to have sole access to a local private woodland just a few minutes walk away from Acorns. We take groups of children into the woods throughout the year and enjoy the natural environment for all aspects of learning.

children painting with water

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children inside playing a board game