Session Times

9am - 12pm
Monday - Friday
Morning and Lunch
9am - 1pm
Monday - Friday
Whole Day
9am - 2:45pm
Monday - Friday

You can find details on fees and funding within the information tab above.

The Morning Session

After the parents and carers have departed, the children group together for our good morning song and news. Then in smaller groups, we start age appropriate activities, such as singing, stories, talking and listening activities.

We support children’s individual interests and encourage further learning through play based activities. The children are free to select whatever activity they choose. Children can play in two outside areas – our large grassed garden, and the tarmac area at our entrance. Children are encouraged to find and put on their own boots and coats before going outside. We sometimes having singing, snack and stories outside on picnic rugs and we have shelter in the garden to protect against rain. But in very wet or cold weather we stay inside and transform the hall to allow large physical play where we have hoops, parachute and balance games, balls, bean bags, skittles, music and movement etc.

Sometimes children take turns to help prepare the fruit and food for snack time. During snack time, the children are encouraged to socialise and chat amongst themselves. Milk and water is available to drink.

children sitting down at snack time
children playing with balls and pipes
children listening to a story

The Whole Day

We offer whole days every day (9.00 – 2.45 pm). These sessions are particularly appropriate for older children, and uses 5 hours of FEE (Free Early Entitlement). Children are usually in their second year (3 years plus) before staying for the whole day. We are, however, able to offer whole days for younger children; please talk to us so we can make arrangements. We do offer the children (Year 1) who have turned 3 years old to stay until 1pm and have lunch. This means that they can join in the lunch time experience and then leave. The activities in the afternoon are aimed at older children who will leave for school in the summer.

Lunch is a social time and the children chat to each other and with the adults. After lunch children pack away their own lunch boxes and on some days they are responsible for washing, drying and putting away their own plate. All children then have some time playing outside before returning indoors to share some more group time together. After 1pm, the afternoon activity is varied, often a group activity involving talking, turn taking games, sorting, sequencing, cooking, measuring, imaginary play, music and movement, listening games, drawing, stories and more outside play. We may also go for a walk to explore the local area. We visit the churchyard, the woods, the fields next to the farm, a neighbour’s pond, the post box and we like to go inside the church too. Before leaving, children have a small snack and drink, and the day usually ends with circle time and reflecting on the day, remembering what has happened, and what was enjoyed best.

children at woodland adventures on a swing
boy running in a field with a kite
children carrying a log in

Woodland Adventures

We are very fortunate to have sole access to private woodland, a few minutes walk away from Acorns. We take groups of children to the woods throughout the year and enjoy the natural environment for all aspects of learning. We have rope swings and log seats and tarpaulins for shelter too. We also visit the farm and enjoy finding our way around, having picnics outside seeing how the seasons change the environment. We have mini backpacks and set off for walks around our local area. We like to give the children the opportunity to become part of the local area and understand how to get to the places we visit.