Notice Board

Posted: 19 March 2018 07:58

Nursery will be open from 10am this morning Monday 19 March

The road and paths outside are a sheet of ice so do come in slowly and carefully

Posted: 18 March 2018 19:00

Nursery intends to open tomorrow; 19/03/2018; as usual, if there is any doubt in the morning we will update both Facebook and the website by 7.30am

Posted: 04 March 2018 19:34

The Nursery will be open tomorrow 05 March 2018 at the usual time

Posted: 01 March 2018 19:42

The Nursery will be closed tomorrow (02 March 2018) and we hope to reopen Monday (05 March 2018) at the usual time.

Posted: 01 January 2018 19:53

Nursery reopens on Thursday 04 January 2018

Posted: 17 December 2017 20:11

We hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and a healthy 2018


Nursery reopens on Thursday 04 January 2018

Posted: 21 November 2017 10:02

If you are eligible and want to claim up to 30 hours funding, please apply now by clicking on the Childcare Choices notice

Posted: 09 July 2017 16:50

Childcare Choices

The Government has launched a new scheme to help with childcare costs. Click the attached document to see if you are eligable.

Posted: 09 July 2017 16:47

Welcome to our new website.

We will keep this up to date so you have instant access to all the information you need. Please regulary check out our gallery for pictures of our adventures.